Ticket Terms & Conditions

Sales of tickets for our productions and admission as a member of the audience is subject to your agreement with the general Terms & Conditions set out below.

Please use the links below, to read online copies of Egerton Players' official policies, including our constitution and performances by junior members. Note, it is currently the committee position that junior members (under eighteen years of age) should request associate membership, and that accordingly annual subscriptions for juniors will be waived. Most of these documents are provided in pdf format, and open in a new browser window or tab.

(1) General

"We", "Us" or "Ourselves" means Egerton Players. Authority to act for, or on behalf of Egerton Players, shall be determined by our management committee, details of which can be requested through our website.

"Ticket" means evidence of purchase (eg; physical ticket or email etc.) of the right to attend an event organised by Egerton Players

"On-line" means a service or communication through the use of an Internet connection (including but not limited to mobile and wireless connections)

"Production" means an entertainment event organised by us; including (but not limited to) concerts, pantomimes, musicals, plays, parties or other theatrical presentations.

"Venue" means any building, facility or location hosting our productions.

"You" means yourself as an individual and (where applicable) your audience guests, or anyone else who in our reasonable opinion is acting with your permission on your behalf.

"Guest" means any individual accompanying you to our productions as an audience member, providing also that the guest has a valid ticket for admission as an individual.

"Principal Ticket Holder" means the individual who has purchased ticket(s) from us. In the case of on-line sales, you will usually be required to nominate the Principal Ticket Holder (or "lead booker") when providing details of attendees.

(2) Availability, Confirmation, Reservations, Price & Fees

Ticket sales are subject to availability, whether purchased on-line or through a physical transaction (retail or through one of Egerton Players' authorised representatives). It is your responsibility to ensure any tickets that you purchase are from an authorised source. We shall not be liable for costs or losses incurred where tickets are purchased from persons or third-parties that have not been directly authorised by ourselves.

In some cases (usually on-line sales) part of the total cost may be retained by the seller as payment for their services. Please ensure you have ordered the tickets required before completing any financial transaction, as it is not always possible to rectify mistakes afterwards (although we shall always try to do our best to help). The price charged for your ticket will be as printed on the same (for physical transactions) or as requested by our authorised reseller (eg; for on-line sales). The price charged will not include delivery of the ticket to yourself, unless otherwise stated.

Tickets purchased on-line will generally be sent to you by email copy, for you to print-out and bring with you to the venue. Where the Ticket pricing provides concessions based on age, or other qualifying criteria, evidence of your entitlement may be requested by us at the time of purchase and/or upon admission to the venue.

In some cases (at the sole discretion of Egerton Players) Tickets may be reserved for collection at the venue of the production where payment must be fully completed before admission as an audience member is granted. We reserve the right to refuse admission where outstanding debts are owed to Egerton Players. Egerton Players reserves the right to offer tickets at prices other than as advertised in our promotional material (advertisements, flyers, on-line, social media etc.) We reserve the right to offer, at our sole discretion, discounts (including the full cost of tickets) and preferential pricing to individuals or organisations of our choice.

Tickets may be offered free of charge, or at discounted prices, to guests accompanying disabled ticket-holders, or as part of a group concession (eg; family tickets). In such cases, admission is subject to all members of the party attending together. We may refuse admission if the Principal Ticket Holder is not present. Duplicate tickets can normally be provided where you have lost the original; this is because we ask for your own name and contact details at the time of purchase. When you have bought tickets from TicketSource (www.ticketsource/egertonplayers) tickets will be provided by email and their system should be used to obtain a duplicate (you will need to login to your account). In case of difficulty with on-line transactions, email us with your details and as much information about the booking as you have ( and we will do our best to assist.

(3) Transferability, Refunds & Exchanges

Tickets are offered and provided to you for your own individual use, to obtain admission to our productions as an audience member yourself and for any of your guests. Right of admission to our productions is not transferable to other persons or organisations without our prior consent. You expressly agree not to resell or donate, to any other individual or organisation, any ticket obtained by yourself (whether purchased from us or otherwise provided by us) without our prior written consent to do so. Exchange or refund of tickets that have already been purchased will only be at the sole discretion of Egerton Players. Whilst we will normally try to accommodate reasonable requests for refund or exchange, you accept that this is not always possible (eg; because of insufficient alternative availability).

Where a production is cancelled we will normally endeavour to refund the cost of your tickets if we can, although this process could take us several weeks to arrange. Where a production is held outside, you accept there is a risk of cancellation due to bad weather and that refunds (generally only partial) will then be at our sole discretion. Egerton Players will not be liable for incidental or associated costs you may incur due to cancellation or curtailment of our productions, including (but not limited to) travel expenses, accommodation such as hotels or lodgings, fuel, food or vehicle hire. We will not accept any liability arising from cancellation, rescheduling or curtailment of a production due to circumstances beyond our control (including, but without limitation: act of God, war, insurrection, riot, civil disobedience, terrorism, fire, explosion, flood, theft of essential equipment, malicious damage, strike, lock out, severe weather, third party injunction, defence requirements, law enforcement actions, regulations of national or local governments).

(4) Admission

Admission to our productions is subject to you making all reasonable efforts to safeguard the well-being of other audience members and of our production staff (generally referred to by us as "cast and crew"). You will not bring to the venue any substance, equipment, apparatus, animals (except assistance dogs) or any other item likely to endanger, directly or indirectly, other persons (or animals) within the venue. It will be the sole prerogative of our staff managing the production to determine if anything that your bring with you is dangerous to us or our audience and to refuse admission accordingly. Where possible, please bring a copy of your ticket(s) to the production. We generally have a record for our front-of-house staff with details of who has booked which seats, but it obviously assists us greatly if you have your tickets with you. We reserve the right to refuse admission into our productions, or exclude from further audience membership, persons whose conduct or behaviour is deemed threatening, abusive or insulting, or likely to be detrimental to the experience of other members of the audience (whether intentionally so or not).

You agree that during our productions you will not use the venue to sell, distribute, promote or advertise any other goods or services (including but not limited to other productions, commercial or non-profit operation or political or religious message) without our prior written permission. You agree at all times to comply with any notice or instruction at the venue pertaining to health and safety or any other legislative requirement; taking note especially of emergency exits and routes, evacuation procedures etc. Please do not hesitate to ask a member of our staff at the venue about any safety concern you may have. Some areas of the venue may be restricted to prevent public access, especially where they could contain hazards to your safety. Please stay in the public areas of the venue at all times and avoid areas designated for the use of cast and crew.

Most of our productions include an on-site licensed bar where alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will be sold. You agree to abide by any national or local regulation in force with regard to sales made at the bar; and in particular to legal restrictions applying to the sale of alcoholic drinks. Persons who in the opinion of our production staff (including those running the bar) are intoxicated due to alcohol or drugs may be requested to leave the venue and/or refused further sales from our bar. Please remember under United Kingdom Law, smoking is illegal at any of the venues we use for our productions (including the public areas of productions held outside). We respectfully request that you do not smoke near to the entrances of our production venues as this is unpleasant for other visitors.

(5) Disabled Access

We welcome all customers and their guests to our productions, and try to accommodate any particular requirements as best we can. Most of our productions are staged at Egerton Millennium Village Hall which has allocated disabled parking near the entrance (there is a slight downhill slope to the entrance door) and facilities for disabled visitors inside: there is an accessible toilet, and a hearing aid "induction loop" within the hall. There are no steps in the public areas of the building; but some onto the stage itself. Most of the emergency exits have a small step down (4 or 5 cm) to the outside of the building. The building is modern, and doorways within it are wide enough for wheelchairs or mobility scooters. Please refer to the following section (6) for information about production content; especially the use of sound and light or theatrical effects within our shows. Please contact us in advance, either through advertised box-office telephone contact numbers or email ( to discuss any particular requirement or for advice on the suitability of a production for you or your guests.

(6) Children or Dependent Adults

In some cases the content of a show might be inappropriate for younger children or individuals with reduced cognitive capacity; but we will try to advise where the content might cause offence or other difficulty. Shows can sometimes contain special effects, including flashing or bright lights, stroboscopic lighting and loud noise. Occasionally pyrotechnic explosions will be employed. Please speak to us in advance of booking if you need more information about a production. We request that all children under sixteen or adults dependent on another adult (because of disability, injury etc.) are accompanied by a responsible person over eighteen years of age.

Please ensure that children and where necessary, other dependent guests, are appropriately supervised. In some productions, our cast or crew will make use of the auditorium during the show; for their own safety all audience members should remain seated during the production. Please use only the designated public areas of the venue during your visit as other rooms or areas may contain hazards such as equipment, machinery, chemical substances etc. You are respectfully reminded that persons under eighteen must not consume alcohol while at our production venues, nor must they buy or attempt to buy alcohol for anyone else.

(7) Recording or Transmitting Equipment and Mobile Telephones

The use of equipment for recording or transmitting any part of our productions (electronically, mechanically or otherwise) is prohibited without our prior and pre-arranged written consent. This includes, without limitation: audio and video recordings or transmissions, still photographs, recordings made using mobile telephones or similar digital devices. Please be aware that in most cases, the conditions of our performance licence will restrict any filming or recording to our own appointed technical staff. Please do not ask at the venue for permission to film or otherwise record our productions, as in most case we will be unable to grant this due to the restrictions of our own performance licence. You are reminded that copyright breach can incur substantial civil and criminal penalties. You agree to hold us harmless where any legal process is taken against you for unauthorised or illegal recording, transmission or redistribution of our productions.

Please note that in attending our productions you are implicitly granting us consent to record (on film, video, audio or other media) you or your guests while at the venue and that any such recording may be subsequently edited, copied, re-sold or otherwise distributed without any obligation for payment by us for using that recorded material. Unless otherwise agreed by us, the right to use any content obtained during our productions shall belong to Egerton Players, whether obtained with our permission or not. Mobile telephones and messaging equipment must not be used during our productions, and should be switched off or onto a "silent mode" of operation before the production commences.

(8) Liability

Arrangements made by you to attend our productions, including travel, accommodation or hospitality are at your own risk. We do not accept liability for cancellation or rescheduling of any production beyond the price you pay to us for your tickets. We will not be responsible for damage, theft or loss of personal belongings whilst you attend our production except where caused due to our own negligence or breach of statutory duty.

(9) Third Parties

Where you purchase a ticket for our productions from a third-party you must make sure that the seller is authorised by us. We usually sell through two main outlets: on-line at or off-line (ie; in real life!) at Egerton Village Stores. Occasionally we may operate a separate box office, advertised in our promotions with a telephone contact or email address. If you have any doubts about the authenticity of a seller, please contact us directly (eg; via Please be wary of any unsolicited email claiming to originate from us (ie; if you are not already a member of our newsletter distribution list) and never pay for our tickets on-line except by credit card (avoid using debit cards if you can, as the protection afforded to you as a consumer may be lower). We never ask for direct payment to a bank account or use of a money transfer service (including PayPal, Western Union or similar).

(10) Governing Law & Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed in all respects in accordance with English law and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

(11) Privacy and Your Data

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for information about the use of any personal informational that we might collect from you (directly or through agents acting for us). Please be aware that whilst we will try to protect unauthorised access to information which you provide to us, the nature of the Internet means that it is not always within our ability to do so.