Privacy Policy

Your Privacy

Egerton Players takes your privacy seriously; we endeavour to respect any personal information that you send to us, and to use it only for legitimate purposes as set out in this privacy policy. We undertake to keep your personal details secure and safe from unauthorised access.

Your Information

Our website ( may collect information about you, either directly or indirectly; for example through links to partner organisations or invitations to contact us using email or social networking technologies. Information of a personal nature (for example your name or contact details) may be retained by us and used for future communications from us. You may ask what information about you is held by us and we will endeavour to provide you with this information as soon as reasonably practical. We reserve the right to make a charge for this to cover our costs. If you would like your personal details removed from our records then please contact us in writing to request their removal, accepting that this is not possible in all circumstances such as the keeping of records for financial audit purposes, or because of statutory duties under the law. We will not share, with other organisations or with individuals outside of our group's membership, personal information provided by you; except as required by statutory legislation applicable to us, and/or in connection with established or prospective legal proceedings involving Egerton Players. We do not make information about you available to third-parties for the purposes of marketing, advertising, promotion or other commercial activity.

Data Security

We will follow all reasonable technical and organisational procedures to prevent the loss, misuse or unauthorised alteration of your personal information. Please note storage of your details will not necessarily always be in an encrypted form. We try to make sure that information about you is correct and current. Please advise us promptly of any changes to your contact details so that we can maintain accurate records.

We will not request from you financial information such as bank account details, credit/debit card details or any online authorisation (PINs, passwords) for payments to us. However, we do use third-party providers for online ticket purchase using credit or debit cards, and these organisations may require authentication of payment authority. We will try to ensure that any such organisations facilitating payment transactions operate appropriately and in compliance with EU data protection legislation. We will never ourselves ask you for secret information such as passwords or PIN numbers to authenticate, verify or confirm financial transactions.

Payment service providers do not generally make your card or banking details available to us, except in exceptional circumstances (such as disputed transactions). However, records of bookings and payments (eg; date, amount, account-holder, contact details) received from you will generally be retained, or accessible to members of Egerton Players Committee, for the purposes of financial auditing and future communications (where you have opted to receive these).

Data Location

Some of our services, and also those provided by our partners, may depend upon systems operating outside the European Economic Area ("EEA"). Consequently, your information could be accessible to individuals and organisations not subject to EEA jurisdiction. Unfortunately, information transferred over the Internet is never guaranteed to be completely secure; many parts of the process operate outside of our control. While we endeavour to protect your personal information to the extent we are able, there is no guarantee of the security of any data on route to us.

Third Parties

Our website may refer you to the websites of affiliated organisations, including those providing services to us. Information about you that is provided to us through partner organisations will be respected as if we had gathered it directly from you. You must note, however that we have no control over the operation of third-party websites and you must refer directly to their privacy and data protection policies to ascertain their use of your personal data before it is given to us.


Our website may track your usage for the purposes of personalising our website content or your experience of the user interface. Information from your browsing may be stored on your computer and retained after the machine is shut-down. This information could be stored as a browser cookie, or similar mechanism such as HTML5 LocalStorage. We do not store tracking information that could personally identify you, and we do not make the tracking information available outside of our own website.

Your Responsibilities

We will assume you follow appropriate guidance and best practice with regards to the security of your own computer. Please ensure that you have installed appropriate security technologies such as firewall and anti-virus software and that this, along with any software used to transmit data to us is up-to-date in accordance with vendor instructions. You must not provide us with personal information about other individuals without their prior consent.

Please verify that any referral you receive, to an organisation requesting payment on our behalf, is bona fide (eg; from our own website or our facebook page). Be especially cautious of emails or other unsolicited instructions directing you to make payments for our tickets. It is always safest to follow links from our own website to our appointed booking provider (currently we use

(last revised: November 2014)